Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One week, and 4 days to go....

...before I'm supposed to have finished my first draft of my first novel proper. Eek! I am upto 44,000 words but am feeling the self imposed pressure.

But if I were to not to finish "English Girls Approximately" (it has a title and everything now! A prize to the first person to correctly identify who I stole the title from...) when I've never had a better opportunity, I would just kick myself silly. So for the next 11 days I am writing, writing, writing. (With a little bit of sewing, baking, watching Christmas films, seeing best friends, giving and recieving presents and lots of drinking in between).

You lucky (not so lucky?) few who I will bestow this first draft on to for critique and praise - I'll be in touch....!

Should I answer the question people keep asking me? Well, it's a story about love and friendship, and what happens when you get what you didn't even think you deserved. I'm thinking Marian Keyes + Helen Fielding, with a pinch of Charlotte Bronte.