Friday, January 13, 2017

Just Carrie

I've always loved the original Star Wars films. But it wasn't really until watching it in my 20s I realised how kick ass Princess Leia was. Sure, she falls for the rogue as all princesses are meant to but she orchestrates the destruction of the Death Star whilst proving herself handy with a gun and some chains. The Force Awakens also helped reinforce her strong character; she's not even a princess in that one, she's a full on general - and member of the original modern family (working mom, dad disappearing for months at a time, son who joins the dark side....) but still she keeps it together because she's so kick ass. 

I was hit hard by her death; more so than I thought I would be. I mean, she's truly a woman, an actress, defined by that one role she played. Sure, I loved her in When Harry met Sally and I thought Postcards from the Edge was a brilliant film but I'd never read any of her books, seen anything else she'd been in or paid any attention to her really.  Then she died and I realised I should have been all this time. 

Last night I watched Bright Lights, the documentary made a few years back and it was eye opening and beautiful. Here is film's most famous Princess with a hunchback, drinking full fat coke and smoking constantly in a house surrounded by junk. Look, she's making her mom souffl├ęs which they eat on the floor. I mean, wow! But it showed a woman who was supportive, caring and kind, who had a truly dysfunctional childhood but had managed to keep it together - given all they've been through, this family seemed closer than most who had no breakups or Hollywood glitter slicing through them. I tried to imagine any other actress being so open and honest but I couldn't. She honestly gave zero fucks what Hollywood thought of her and who couldn't love her for that! In a world where women will always be judged for changing shape and getting older we need more Carrie Fishers in our lives.