Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Years Re-Solutions

So this year instead of my usual let's make lots of resolutions and then get flummoxed because it's just all too much I decided to make themed months. Theme '16.

First up January - I called it juicing January because it worked as a title (same letters!) but really it's all about smoothies in January. My attempt to drinking a healthy iron fuelled smoothie every day, because I absolutely need the iron and I probably need the fruit too. I also probably need the spiriluna but let's be honest, I have no fricking idea what it does or how it'll help me! But it cost a lot so it must, right? 

Anyway, I must say I'm happy so far with my efforts. It's been hard at work as it means no more fun lunches with work peeps, I just sit at my desk and drink green sludge. And honestly, it tastes delicious! Yes I have to go shopping every couple days for spinach and kale and coconut yoghurt but I reckon in the long run it's cheaper than $15 burgers and it's certainly healthier. I still feel knackered but I think this resolution is a keeper, way past January! 

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