Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mindful March

So dairy free February was interesting.... I did make a vegetarian pizza using a fake cheese recipe and it was ok but let's be honest, it was no worthy substitution for cheese. After the 3rd week I had a weekend away with friends and I broke at the Leigh Sawmill with pizza, then the next day with cheese at Ransom vineyard. So, it's fair to say going dairy free will not be a continuing thing; but I will endeavour to only eat cheese once a week as I have been doing re entry anyway as it is sadly my kypotronite. And I would like to give up cows milk; I've been eating soy and coconut yoghurts and that has been an easy change, it's more the milk in tea I will need to get used to! 

So March heralds a new monthly theme, this being mindful. Something I need to find urgently due to work and self imposed deadlines and obvious procrastinations. And then the drive to work causes my anger levels to raise above what I assumed I was capable of. I do feel not in a calm zen place currently but 6 days in I have not really done much to get me there. But next week I will be commuting by bus for 2 days and on Friday I was practising my Hamlet soliqolgy on my way to and from work and that helped calm me somewhat in the Auckland traffic! 

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