Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ryan Adams is coming to Auckland!

It has been a while but only really a little to report. I didn't get the internship because my work visa doesn't allow me to study over here, but if we apply for residency I should be able to apply again next year. I have a coffee meeting with a senior writer from North & South tomorrow - she's very well connected apparently, so fingers crossed I get some kind of link from that. At the very least it'll be so useful to speak to a succesful reporter / writer in New Zealand and get some ideas and make that connection. Sending free cds with reviews attached is apparently not the way to do it!

Johnny Shankley is done! Currently doing the rounds with various people for critiquing. Then I can decide what to do with it...I'm now writing something a little different - I hope intelligent & funny girl literature, but only time will tell!

The most exciting news of all for me is that Ryan Adams is coming to town in Feb!!

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