Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Excellent. I'm a national laughing stock. Have bottom the size of Brazil"

So, ok that last part is not true, (thanks half marathon training!) but I have had my own Bridget Jones moment recently when I happened to accidently get a musican's name wrong in a review. James Duncan = Duncan James.......oh the shame. Of course the irony is that James Duncan is so nothing like Duncan James (whom I still think is a talentless twat even if he doesn't enter into my life in any way whatsoever!) - besides has anyone ever seen James Duncan sitting on a bar stool dressed like a knob, crooning something written by Neil Diamond?

At least this was a funny Bridget Jones moment I suppose, embarrassing but not crucifying!

Grrr. Off to Unknown Pleasures next weekend, am pretty sure I can't fuck anything up for that review.

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