Monday, February 14, 2011

39 - 45.....

On day 39 I changed my running route - instead of the usual St Heliers & back via direct route along Tamaki Drive, I detoured up Nihill Crescent (I am not being liberal with the use of the word "up" here) and then down the steep rape alley which adjourns Rukutai Street. It was good for the abs!

Day 40 after football (where my usual is Amber Ale - ah how I miss you!)I ordered a fejoia vodka and coke. It doesn't doesn't cut it as an after football drink, I have to be honest. The general consensus around the table was that it was disgusting but I disagree - though it did work much better with lemonade!

Day 41 Al & I went to Owera and I had a little Thursday afternoon swim, before we did a grand op shop tour! H&M little black winter jacket for $6? Yes thanks! Al picked himself up a like new Henry Arsenal shirt for $4 too, so we were both very happy.

Day 42 was Sushi Train. In honour of Al's last night in NZ (sob!) we hit that train action - not the cheapest way to eat sushi but certainly the most fun! Just watching the little plates coming towards you...should I wait? Should I just go for it? What if I eat this prawn one and a tempura veggie one comes round next? The lesson I learnt was that you just eat both! Yum. Will definitely do this again.

Day 43 we went out West to Henderson. Our friends the other Smiths had recommended an Indian out that way - those who know of our horror at Kiwi Indian resturants don't fear, it was very very good indeed. It even had proper naans! I ordered the dhal makhini which I never do as I always consider Dhal a side order, but was glad I did as it was very yummy indeed.

Day 44 I went with Natalie to the new improved St Heliers Craft market. Gone are the dog gifts, knitted jumpers and pie stand, now replaced by screenprinted tees, handmade dresses and gorgeous jewellery. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we even had ice cream on the beach after!

Day 45 is today and it's Valentines day! So I have made Andy a 3 course meal to be eaten in the sun on the deck with oodles of wine. The new thing is the Fish pie - we haven't eaten it yet but it's a Jamie Oliver recipe and he hasn't let me down yet, so fingers crossed!

Hope you're all having lovely Feb 14th....I am excited for Pancake day tomorrow - I have a recipe for a pea pancake (so savoury) which I might do as my new thing tomorrow!

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