Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh my word....

Can't believe it's been 3 months since I last updated - that is proper rubbish of me!

This could be a looooooong post.....

So last time I was at Yoga on day 152.....

Day 153 - I ran the Christchurch half marathon. Only it wasn't in Christchurch proper, but Lincoln which is a student suburb outside that has a nice pie shop - but my god it is dull to run around! Bear in mind also that it was windy, cold and sometimes wet it wasn't my greatest half marathon experience. That said, despite not enjoying it so much I ran a pb of 2hrs 7mins. Then I went home and slept.

Day 154 - thankfully it was a public holiday so no work for my aching muscles. Instead I got to work making a baby cosmetics bag for my friend Pat who has now had a baby, but hadn't at the time.

Day 155 - hmmmm.....lame. I took a different bus home......

Day 156 - I made Terriyaki Tofu (though I have written in brackets "sort of"!)

Day 157 - I ran around Hagley Park on my lunch with a work colleague. She's now left, but since this day a hardy group of 4 of us have started to run every Tuesday and Thursday lunch (mostly). Excellent way to chat and exercise and get fresh air!

Day 158 - Tried Indian Blues restuarant in Sumner. Knew we shouldn't - Indian Sumner is soooooo good! But thought we ought to really. Alarms bells started ringing when they asked if Andy wanted his jalfrezi Kiwi hot, and how spicy did I wanted my korma. Oh dear. Not great food. Not bad, just not anything to write home about.

Day 159 - I made rhurbarb crumble!!! I love rhurbarb crumble, mum always made the best puddings ever, and this was right up there. It overstewed the rhurbarb and didn't crumble the crumble enough - but hey it was a good first effort.

Day 160 - I made Veg Cornish pasties. Very yummy filling, but put a bit too much sugar in the pastry....

Day 161 - Had a facon & salad wrap. As someone who has been a vegequarian for a long time I've never eaten a BLT - I know, I'm a freak - so this was my veggie attempt. Very nice it was too! Ha, have just re-read my diary entry for this day, turns out this was June 13th - 6 mg EQ day!! Must have been when we finally got electricity back on in the evening!

Day 162 - I watched The Road. Shit the bed, that is one depressing film.

Day 163 - was due to be my first book club in Christchurch, but there were no buses, how about I ate Thorntons Chocolate eggs instead?

Day 164 - I put my new bike together! It arrived with the front wheel separate and other complicated things to put back together. I don't know how many angry hours I worked on it, but I'm happy to say I got there in the end with immense satisfaction.

Day 165 - I went to the Ballantynes Sale. BIG department store in Christchurch, store munted in Feb EQ - selling off all it non damaged stock before re-stocking for re-opening before Xmas. Fun!

Think that will do for now...

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