Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have started to give myself $40 to spend on music every pay day since I now have to work for money again. This gets me one full price CD (though only for collectible artists now!) a vinyl LP or 2 downloaded from I tunes.

My first pay day treats are as follows:

Sleigh Bells – Treats
Just like a Bubblegum shouty version of The Kills. It got me like the first time I heard Pendulum - like a full on attack of the senses. I wanted to run from it, but was unable to because it is so awesome!

Jenny & Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now.
I love Jenny Lewis. Her voice, look, style….I even love that she’s got a cool rocker boyfriend and they recorded an album together. My issue is that I get a bit bored by her. I listened to Rabbit Fur Coat and loved it, then loved it a bit less and now I skip tracks or don't really listen to it. I have a real de ja vu sensation about this album for the same reason – On first listen I was already bored towards the latter songs, only getting my jollies back for the final track “Commited”. But keep trying Jenny you minxsy pixie you.

I want to buy the Kills proper (i.e. on CD) next week though locating a CD store in Christchurch ain't all that easy.

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