Monday, June 6, 2011

day 136 - 152....


It gets a bit dull from here on in (in life, as well as blog!). On day 136 I started my new 40 hour a week helps with the motivation to get my book published I guess, and the money is nice and necessary.....

Day 137 I had my first MWH Mainzeal month end drinks. Very nice way to meet fellow colleagues whilst drinking free beer.

On day 138 Andy & I bought a Land Rover! Bit different to the Mazda Mx5 - I'm looking forward to testing its shopping and camping capacity!

On day 139, after a messy night chez Hopkins, the running-a-trois club went off for a 9km around Avonhead. First time I've ran around here, and good to run blind, so to speak.

On day 140 I watched Sherlock! It is an amazing TV series. I will forgive Martin Freeman for missing Smithmas as he's doing series 2 of this. And how exciting Benedict Cumberbatch is coming to NZ to be in the Hobbit. Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as being a brilliant actor, has THE best name in the world!

On day 141 I ran my first solo 14m run. I ran home from work (didn't beat the bus, but also didn't have to wait 30 mins in the cold for it to turn up either)- not the most visually stunning run, but good training.

On day 142 I gave free counselling another go. In a futile attempt to cure my fear of flying I went to a work approved counselling session. Unfortunately it was completely useless. The counsellor was quite rubbish; though as a positive I took away that in the last 5 years I've actually controlled my fear quite well - I know all the spin, I know how to make it less scary and I know why I shouldn't be scared. I guess I just want to be fixed really, and maybe that will never happen.

On 143 I bought the Christchurch (/South Island!) Entertainment book. Obviously not much in the way of Christchurch city pubs/restaurants in it - as there aren't many of those about any more...but a few for Sumner, and other places such as Nelson, Blenheim etc.

This one is so lame, so I apologise in advance. On day 144 I ate a Subway 6" tuna roll. I have never eaten a Subway in NZ before. Lame, I know.

On day 145 Andy & I went to the Riccarton Farmers market AND the Craft Collective market. Very expensive but fun day!

On day 146 I got as ill as I've ever been in my adult life. Before the vomitting started however, I made Rum N Raisin Ice cream. Then got too sick to eat it.

Day 147...I've actually written "Dry bagel" in my diary! Well as stated above I was sicker than I've ever been in my adult life, so I think I'll cut myself some slack for that.

On day 148, recovering, and in desperate need for food (all left my body and none allowed to re-enter for many many hours) I made kedgaree. It was my first time as Andy is the Kedgaree king, and it was nice. (though not as nice as Andy's!).

On 149, still recovering, I went into work, got my laptop, announced I had a stomach bug and then went home to work. Working from home (my first official time!)is both awesome and crap - lunch, getting home (easy!) and listening to music all pluses, motivating oneself is a BIG negative.

On day 150 I got to wear my hot pink retro River Island skirt! Bought for $4 a couple of months ago, I finally got to wear it.

On day 151 we ate at Tony's Tepan Restaurant - a nice, if not overpriced Japanese place in Ferrymead.

This one is exciting! (For me anyway). My first ever yoga class! I went with Michelle on a Saturday morning and it was so relaxing, yet stretching...if you know what I mean! Definitely a weekly occurrence.

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