Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 126 to 135....

Day 126 was my first day temping in Christchurch. Working again is oddly tiring, even though all I did all day was click, enter, click, click, enter......

Day 127....hmm... 2nd day at work left me little time to do new things. I browsed on my lunch in Henry's liquor store. Definitely the first time in this store, and possibly (hopefully) the first time I've been window shopping in a liquor store on my lunch!

Day 128 was the night I did my first run home from work. I've always shied away from doing this previously, though in hindsight a run home down Tamaki Drive would have amazing; mainly due to misplaced embarrassment. It was only 8km and I carried my work clothes in my camel pack, and actually really enjoyed it! And, I got home before the bus would have got me there. Double bonus.

On day 129 I had the genius idea of making a dish, which when I thought of it had me excited all day. Sweetcorn Fritter on a base of spinach and garlic mushrooms with fake bacon tofu on top, and wedges on the side. I've never made an actual dish before, and it was probably too carby, but tasted amazing!

Day 130 was the day I heard AA Gill speak. I thought he had a deep voice? Anyway, AA Gill was appearing at the Auckland Readers Writers Festival so I booked us tickets and plane tickets up for the weekend! I'd always admired AA Gill since his review of the theatre production of "The Sound of Music" which included "I wanted to stand up and shout to the Nazi youth - they're in the graveyard! If you run you'll catch them!" He is a very witty and observant man, and although he wasn't as impressive as I hoped he was still pretty brilliant.

On day 131 I ate Sushi for breakfast. First time ever, hopefully not the last. Yummers Sushi!

Day 132 I went home from Auckland alone, so had a comforting morning with Andy & friends then a quiet night really. The new thing was catching the airport bus home.....dull I know!

On day 133 I watched the Glastonbury documentary - can you believe I've never seen it before? It was so good, a great reminder of how much fun rolling around in the mud to great music used to be!

On day 134 I made my first blackboard. I'll explain the background; when Natalie & I spent hours in a craft store in Christchurch Natalie discovered this blackboard paint which we got quite excited about. I bought it, and a couple of already cut out wooden shapes (guitar, ducks) but when I got home I felt unsure how to progress. I've seen the Queen's head and New Zealand islands blackboards...what could I do similar to that but more suited to me and Candyretro? Two days ago as I clicked and entered my way through 7 hours of work it came to me in a flash....but I'm not going to share it just yet as I don't want anyone to steal my ideas! But, in case anyone is thinking another of Janine's ideas that will never materialize....I am already setting the wheels in motion. Anyway, so I experimented with the guitar anyway and it is now no longer just MDF guitar cut out, but a guitar shaped blackboard!

Day 135, today I fixed my fricking tyre! Ive ignored it so long, not knowing how has made me less inclined to try but this week I've been so aware I could have cycled to work instead of relying on buses that do not show in a timely I took off the wheel, took off the tyre, pulled the inner tube, found the puncture and fixed it - then put it all back together again. If the fucking thing punctures again I'm getting a new bike.


Neil said...

If it punctures again, make sure you got anything out of the tyre that could have caused the puncture (splinter etc).

Also if it continues, consider more puncture proof tyres - cheaper than a new bike.

Janine said...

Nah, I got a new bike. Maybe not cheaper, but definitely less hassle!