Sunday, May 8, 2011

117,118, 126!

Soooo, day 117 Natalie & John came to visit so Natalie & I walked a very long way to get to a craft store. I'd been meaning to go as I had a voucher (a lovely leaving present from my lovely book club friends. We had a great hour or so browsing whilst there, thinking of great ideas of things we could make. It was also the day of the royal wedding, so we had a royal wedding party - in which I made Anne's famous Chicken pie (or veg) and gingerbread Kate & Wills, all laid out on Jane's excellent Union Flag plates!

Day 118 was a hungover morning, followed by hair of the dog at Waipara Vineyards! I played Pentanque (badly) at Pegasus Bay in the lovely Autumn sun with friends. Bliss.

Day 119 I made Linda McCartney Bean burgers. SOOOO GOOD! Can't believe I've never tried them before.

Day 120 I made sweetcorn fritters from the Southern Men Cookbook - not new, but the addition of chilli was!

Day 121 I cooked with Soy Protein. It's basically what Quorn mince is made of, and when I saw a packet of it dried in Pak N Save, I knew I had to get some of that! It was brill, I made Shepherd's pie just like I used to in England!

On day 122 I went into Flock, a lovely little crafty store in Sumner.

Day 123 was yet another cooking new thing - I made Tofu bacon. I crap you not. From the Grit Dinner cookbook, it was just like the facon you get in shops, but cheaper and well, tastier really!

On day 124 - you'll like this - I invited Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Bradley Cooper and Helena Bonham Carter to Smithmas on the 25th June. I do hope they'll come!

Day 125.....I made fake Chicken Wings - again from Vegan Dad (love him!), a great recipe for good meat-a-like chicken in breadcrumbs and eaten with hot sauce.

Phew, we've caught up! Day 126, today, I ran my first 12km in Christchurch. I also got a personal best on Monkey Bash - 1215, which Andy then beat by 200 points....grrrr.

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