Sunday, May 8, 2011


On day 109 I roasted some garlic bulbs, as I'd seen in a resturant once. It was good, but I struggled to take all the skin off the bulbs which wasnt great....

Day 110 was my first ever skype chat with my mate Natalie, who lives in Auckland.

Hmm, these are a tad lame aren't they?!

Day 111....was the first time I'd ever been to Omarau! We went there for Easter with the Hopkins. Good Chinese shop.

Day 112 after lunch at Uncle Monty's we drove back via the Moeraki Boulders. I was very keen to see these freaky alien style rocks and was not disappointed!

Day 113 is a very sad was the first time I've eaten at KFC in NZ... in my defence, the Hopkins stopped here and although I could have refused to eat I was very hungry and my options were chips at KFC or chips at McDonalds so I went for what was easier. It was gross. The only other time I've eaten at KFC was in Australia oddly (never in the UK) and I'm pretty sure I regretted it there too!

Day 114 back in Christchurch I made a draft Excluder! Got to keep that heat in....

Day 115 was the night I made Risotto for the first time ever. Andy is so good at this I've never bothered befroe, but out of work and feeling the urge to be a good housewife, and with a load of mushrooms, I attempted it to great success!

Day 116 was the day I discovered Vegan Dad. I lOVE Vegan dad. He has the best vegan recipes I've ever seen. So today I tried the Vegan sausages. I was sick of paying $10 for crappy sausages full of fat and salt so made my own and apart from the one that came out looking like a willy, they were fab!

Think we'll stop there for a while. I'm so far behind and I now have a job so this make take a bit longer to update, but I'm still committed to this NY resolution, trust me!

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