Monday, November 21, 2011

How long has this been going on?

Lashings of apologies Hayleigh for the delay in updating! So day 181 - I made taxi John's lemon poppy seed cake - bloody lush! Day 182 - I rode my bike the 14.3km home for the 1st time ever. I love my bike, but I don't think it loves me that much. Day 183 - Attempted to use up remaining lemons by messing with an Andy classic - Risotto. I attempted a lemon, pea and pumpkin risotto. It was OK...but only OK. Day 184 - Cycled to Savemart on my lunch :) Day 185 - Bought my first piece of nice luggage! All my cases over the year have been stolen from my parents or Andy's. After losing our nice cabin case in the Feb earthquake it felt like a good opportunity to get into that buying a nice luggage set by starting the collection off with a purple cabin case. Andy is currently refusing to use on his own.... Day 186 - Made lemon curd (we had a lot of lemons). It tasted gorgeous, but sadly I didn't keep it on the heat long enough to set properly, so it was more like lemon soup! Day 187 - Watched my first ever Crusaders match. I fell asleep halfway through. Day 188 - Ate at the Watershed in Ferrymead. It was ok and in the Entertainment guide which is how I choose 90% of my eateries! Day 189 - My first Simo's experience. Certainly not my last. Great (and Christchurch famous) Moroccan cafe that, thanks to numerous earthquakes, has moved to Addington. The most amazing wraps, but also salads too! Day 190 - My first book group meeting in Christchurch :) Day 191 - My first visit to Penny Lane Records. Not as good as Real Groovy, but a fair substitute. Day 192 - Ate at the Redcliffs Chinese restaurant. Lovely and hot food and huge portions! I had the Ma Po Tofu - nice. Day 193 - Had my first driving lesson in Christchurch with Russell who looks a bit like Nunkey. Day 194 - SAW HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2....Cried alot. Felt like a huge end of era sadness.AND YET SO GOOD!! Day 195 - Did a 40km cycle ride along some of the Little River Cycle Trail - from Motukarara to Caton Bay then back. Day 196 - I made a ginger fish curry apparently. I don't remember this! Day 197 - I went to yoga! It was hot. This was probably the first time with Hamish - he is hardcore. Day 198 - Viewed the Cashmere Castle! A property for sale that looked really good on Trademe - not so good in real life. A big sprawling mess in fact. Still for sale incidentally! Day 199 - I listened only to female artists all day on my ipod. Feist, Ladyhawke, Florence and many more.... Day 200 - We went to Flames Restaurant in Mount Pleasant - really lovely food, but sadly dry July meant we couldn't indulge in lovely wine too. Still, cheap meal! Right, time for Game of Thrones so more updating to be done later in the week :)

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