Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So last year.....

A new year has arrived and I have high hopes for 2012. Is it because the year itself was synonymous with "the future" in films and books of old? Or because I already have a shag load of exciting things planned in for the year ahead? Either way, before I can get to writing bout 2012, I have to finish writing about all the new things I did in 2011! So as a reminder, it's July 23 2011 and Day 201 - I made an old Harrison favourite with an added twist, date bar but using hobnobs, hell yeah. Since this amazing discovery I've upgraded to using squiggles too! Day 202 - played Xbox kinetic with Andy and the Hopkins. This is the future man! A machine that can read your movements for entertainment purposes.... Day 203 - I made a Hobbit - Frilbo - for my nephew's first birthday. Stuffed toy-tastic. Day 204 - continuing on the Hobbit theme I made some Hobbit cuff links featuring Bilbo and Thorin...not sold any yet, but I have high hopes! Day 205 - (Andy & I were poorly a lot during this time so forgive the dullness of the next few entries......)I bought a p├ętanque set. Day 206 - I was supposed to go for a run at lunch time with my lunchtime work runners but none of us were up for it so we did a 30 minutes walk around Hagley Park instead. Day 207 - someone told me that the cheapy hotel site always featured the Langham hotel as the mystery deal so I booked it for our Auckland trip and it was indeed the Langham! Very lovely hotel with a gorgeous rooftop pool (not so useful in the winter mind). Day 208 - another fun day in Auckland, sadly Andy lost his voice so didn't come to Bees online in Kumeu but was around for Captain America...Richard Armitage in 3D.....*swoon*!! Day 209 - I ate Percy Pigs for the first time in my life. Day 210 - I was off sick from work so did nothing much, except go and view the Cashmere Castle....a seemingly lovely house for sale. Not so sadly, a big sprawling mess of rooms with no views considering its lofty heights above Christchurch city. Worth viewing though! Day 211 - I made a Blurb book for my nephew featuring Frilbo the Hobbit.... Day 212 - I entered a photo for the Felt advert for the Kiwi Diary 2012 Day 213 - I interviewed for a volunteer position at the Christchurch Arts Festival. Day 214 - I had my first (now, of many) Simos Boccillios wraps. A Christchurch institution, before the earthquakes this lovely Moroccan cafe is now just up the road from my work! Day 215 - I made Langham hotel steamroom tiles cuff links......they didn't stick to the Scrabble tiles sadly. Day 216 - I sent Candyretro photos to Al for my website! Please don't ask when the website will be ready. Procrastinating runs in my family well. Day 217 - I bought my very own S'Wonderful dress - the Bonnie dress...S'Wonderful is what I aspire to own,a beautiful boutique shop with dresses and all sorts of cute things. Day 218 - I went to Bolt of Cloth's warehouse, the engine room as it were. Sadly I didn't get the job so it was all for nothing. Day 219 - I listened to Slyvester - an audiobook written by Georgette Heyer and read beautifully by Richard Armitage. I've never really bothered with audiobooks before believing I am incapable of listening to something and not having anything to look at but I found this was a great book to listen to on the bus home from work, so much so I also downloaded Venetia too, another Richard Armitage read, Georgette Heyer book. Day 220 - my first Winnie Bargoes experience for Margot's citizenship party. Day 221 - went to watch Liam Finn and the Drab Doo Riffs at the Christchurch Arts Festival. Had seen Liam Finn befo, and felt he was better the last time, but the Drab Doo Riffs were Mind blowing! Day 222 - I found Linda McCartney in New World, Christchurch, meatsville! I had heard a rumour but didn't quite Believe it! But there was sausages, mince and burgers. Heavenly! Day 223 - I applied to be an elf, on theHobbit! Sadly only residents of Wellington were picked in the end. I would have been a good elf I feel. Your loss Peter Jackson. Day 224 - Andy & I made a snowman on Sumner esplanade! Day 225 - I made my first batch of tea cakes, but they were more like raisin scones sadly. Day 226 - I watched Campus for the first time. In my insigificant opinion far funnier than the Inbetweeners. Day 227 - I ate Spagmalis pizza for the first time. Supposedly New York pizza (yeah, right)they rate it my pizza scale as far above Dominos but well below Hells. Day 228 - Andy & I escaped the madness of Christchurch and headed to Lake Tekapo. Gorgeous place and the most outstanding drive with snow all around us. Day 229 - we walked up Mt John in the snow. Amazing views of Lake Tekapo and the Southern Alps all covered in pretty white snow. Day 230 - Visited the Church of the good Shepherd in Tekapo before leaving an heading home via Geraldine. Day 231 - first night of volunteering at Christchurch Arts festival - "watched Spontaenous Broadway" Day 232 - shopped at Tower Junction of the 1st time....ooh exciting....! Day 233 - I had Jamie Oliver pesto on my breakfast bagel.....this one is scraping the barrel I know. Day 234 - volunteered again, and watched Machomer (Halloween Simpsons on stage) Day 235 - saw Lawrence Arabia live, he was amazing. Day 236 - went to an English pub, Pomeroys. Crap food, great atmosphere and beer. Day 237 - went to Springfield, Canterbury! Day 238 - had tuna & sweet corn sushi....bit wierd in all honesty. Day 239 - bought a Love Gocco print - this is a guy on who draws the loveliest prints of cities and 2 lovers under an umbrella in simple red and black. Day 240 - went to Almedia's Tapas restaurant in Sumner - overpriced for the quality on offer. Day 241 - bought tickets to Last night at the Proms Day 242 - another volunteer night, Kurt Weill music played by very cool band from Wellington. Also, cycled home at 11pm! Day 243 - had my first Palak Aloo from Indian Sumner, spinach AND potato....yummers! Day 244 - went to Shabby Chic market, excellent retro market in Woolston. Day 243 - added sweet corn to my homemade curry. Day 244 - made a Thai curry with chickpeas, kumara and broccoli. Day 245 - cycled home for the first time then made myself pizza for just me!(Andy in Nelson) Day 246 - tried Hawkes Bay Rose (Beach House) for the firs time - very nice. Day 247 - watched the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony - sadly the atmos in Christchurch was that of a sulky kid not invited to the party so the pub was disappointingly quiet. Still, great opener!

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