Saturday, January 28, 2012

There and back again...a wannabe elf's tale

So here I am at Wellington airport killing time whilst waiting to pick up my hire car so I can start my own mini adventure. Having eaten nothing but fruit, rice and veg for an entire week and almost passing out at bikram yoga I feel slim(in the normal sense of the word,athletic (sort of) and I am definitely 5'5" (in these shoes). If that fails I may even have a character face (because I am extremely tired and have a boil brewing up next to my nose). Oh, so did I mention I am going to the casting call for The Hobbit? Oh, oops. The story goes, last week Andy saw that one of the cool auctions on Trademe was The Hobbit casting call for this weekend. The weekend we were heading to Auckland. Obviously I deliberated, considered the practicalities, financial costs and then ultimately asked myself, for the sake of $300 but I will regret not doing this? The answer was a resounding yes. So I booked flights from Auckland for the day (first was at 6.40am......), sorted me out a car and resolved not to think about what happens if I'm picked...... Got up at 4.43am this morning, and having failed to sleep on the plane, am now jacking myself up with tea. Casting calls is from's 8.30am currently. Anyway, even if I am not successful this day has reinforced my admiration for the Kiwi spirit. The big chap sitting next to me on the plane struck up a conversation and we chatted happily throughout the hour flight. I love how friendly New Zealanders are, and it's not pushy or creepy, just genuine interest and a pleasant way to spend an hour. I always love free wifi on airports!! Right, I have to go and find some rice based breakfast food - tonight I'm eating 1/2 a metre of pizza!! Will update, later.

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