Sunday, March 25, 2012

Waiting for the back again part...or how an amazing day turned into the stench of petrol on my burning flesh...

I had a thoroughly lovely day. Great flight as mentioned into Wellington, picked up my rental car after extreme bending over (still was very much worth it), drove with sheer joy along the motorway (1st time proper!) to Belmont Hall where the Casting call was taking place. Parked and joined the very orderly line of around 100 people and played Angry Birds for an hour or two. Then I started chatting to the lady next to me, who it turned out is from Derby originally! She was born to play a Hobbit seemingly, being only 4'11" (her words!). We then had a lovely chat for the next two hours until finally things started to happen. We mocked together those idiots turning up at 12.45pm and looking surprised by the massive queue that had now formed. There were very few "character faces" or big biceped men....most, like me were trying out for elves or like Maxine, hobbits. It was a very simple proceedure once we got through the door - shoes off, measured (am I really 1/2 cm shorter than I should be to be an elf?!), then photo taken and out you go! 3 hours wait for 10 mins of action....I offered Maxine a drive back to Wellington and she accepted, and even showed me where to park for free. A leisurely walk around Wellington became tiring so I thought I'd head to Miramar for some impromptu stalking. Sadly saw no actual dwarves (Richard Armitage, where do you hide?!)then a nice drive around to Shelley Bay where I did potentially see Richard Armitage, assuming he still has a beard and drives a red car....? But then a long day turned into a painful one, when I spilled petrol on myself whilst filling up the hire car (surprisingly easy to do!)and then spent a good 30 minutes trying to work out how to get into the airport carpark. Phew. Finally home (well to Auckland) and my lovely hubby got me a metre of pizza and some lovely wine to enjoy in the hotel room. UPDATE: Did not get a part sadly (too short by .5cm....)but had an amazing adventure anyway!

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