Saturday, September 19, 2015

Update on cows and writing retreat - proper day 1

So I woke up and all the cows had gone. Can't help feeling it's a ruse to make me feel at ease before they attack! It has been a busy but enjoyable day; an early start to watch the rugby World cup kick off then to the local market in Matakana to get supplies for the day(one of my favourite places in the world, you can stick your Angkor Wat - can you buy feijoa wine there? I think not). If you're curious supplies were 3 divine summer rolls, a bag of rocket, the most amazing kumara bread and a block of red Leicester cheese. (I may need to get more supplies tomorrow as it turns out writing makes me want to eat a lot. Or perhaps because it's the only distraction I've left myself. Either way I have eaten a LOT today). Writing was good though - current standing is 30,218 words and I really would like to hit 32,000 before the evening is through. Which isn't going to happen if I keep faffing about here.

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