Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back in time to Tahiti

We are now back in the land of cheese, bread and the French. A sleepless night on the LAN plane back from Easter Island (damn you turbulence) and 4 hours sleeping on the floor in Papeete's airport, made for tired Smiths on our arrival in to Huahine, but almost like she'd thought of that, our wonderful Air BnB host Samantha had arranged for a pick up and drop off at the fancy hotel (Lapita Village) she works at, until the Motu lodge was ready for us. So our first few hours were spent reading / sleeping by a pool and then eating an amazing nicoise salad and drinking French wine. When Samantha picked us up in her 4WD we were ready to go shopping for some essential supplies (as in a weeks worth of food and beer) and then we enjoyed the gorgeous 30 minutes drive from Huahine Nui to Huahine Iti and then jetty to Motu Marimaora where the lodge is. Samantha took us over on the boat, a 5 minute pootle across to the Motu and her husband Toriki met us off the boat with their cute little baby. They own a vanilla plantation on the Motu so the rental accomodation was almost as an afterthought but they have made it beautiful. Very Japanese in style and full of lovely Polynesian wood and ornaments. Oh, and it comes with a hungry little kitten. He is quite tenacious so unless you really hate cats you should probably just accept your house guest! 

The first morning we spent snorkelling in the reef in front of the lodge - the current is quite strong so it takes a lot of effort to head upstream, but on the plus side you get back to the lodge in no time at all - lots of colourful fish and even some purple coral. Then the rain started. And the wind picked up. And none of these things stopped for 2 days. And the water pipe broke so no water!  Thankfully we had overprepared with food and beer and Toriki and Samantha bought us lots of water so we were all good, but the mozzies had a field day with us sitting inside - at one point it was harder to find a non bitten part of my skin then the bites.....It was also really. fustrating that we were on Huahine and were not able to get out and touch it. There are no automatic cars on the island and it was too wet and windy for an enjoyable scooter ride. But after a few hours of whinging we got our shit together and booked a tour with Eco Tours for our final day (tomorrow). 

Today the weather had improved enough for a snorkel and a kayak ride, plus we were honoured to be invited to watch the opening game of the Euros 2016, France v Romania in Toriki's house. It was an average game, but Payet scored a wonder goal to win the game in the 88th minute so we had happy Frenchmen and it was the prefect result.And now as I sit here writing this, looking out over the lagoon the sun has come out. Finally! The fucking sun has come out! Sunny days make a happy Nine. 

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