Saturday, June 18, 2016

I saw a shooting star last night....

So finally we are in Bora Bora, Andy's dream holiday destination - this has been a holiday of bucket list achievements! We arrived yesterday from Raiatea (10 minutes flight time!) and I have to say, the view from the plane as we were coming in was stunning. A perfect island in turquoise blue lagoon and dotted with sandy motus. I've never seen anything so beautiful, it really does look like a true paradise. The boat journey over from the airport (it's on its own Motu) to the Hilton Nui resort (which also is on its own Motu) was amazingly gorgeous and the arrival into the resort definitely has the wow factor. 

We arrived a couple of hours early so whilst we waited for our room we thought we would have a spot of brunch and a glass of pop to celebrate. Our happiness slightly marred by the tiny potions (we'd hoped to share food to save money, but that's not an option here!), the uncooked fish in the first burger we got and the dull ex army American sitting next to us with his Texan child bride who felt the need to talk to Andy (pretty much exclusively) about his entire life history. Still, we are in Bora Bora so it's hard to complain! And even with the ridiculous prices of the food (which I don't resent, but I do resent when it's not actually that nice) we are still here in paradise. 

When we got to our room - holy crap! The guy took us on a golf buggy to our room and then explained all the features and all I could think was, what do I want to play with first?? Is it the giant round bath? The walk in wardrobe/vanity room? The massive bed? The TV that comes out of the bedstead? Or the fricking amazing deck area with sun loungers, hammocks overlooking the water and the steps into the lagoon, the actual lagoon?? Get out man, we can work shit out ourselves! I have too many things to do in this room and only 3 days to do them in! In the first hour of getting into our room, we snorkelled around the coral beneath the overwater bungalows and lazed in the hammock. Heaven! We had dinner in the restaurant after happy hour cocktails and then walked back to our bungalow, where we sat outside on the deck looking at the stars. We even saw a couple of shooting stars (I wished on them, but they were only satellites, it's wrong to wish on space hardware.....) and it was so perfect. 

This morning we accidentally got roped into the continental breakfast (an outrageous $40 a person, for breads and fruits!!! Though when the bill came it weirdly was zero, oh well! ) and then we watched the Spain v Turkey game. In our giant bed. On the giant TV screen. Bliss!  After more snorkelling and lazying we ordered some burger lunch to the room (when in Rome) and then we continued with the lazying again. It's a hard life. 

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