Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 61 onwards....

New things continued.....

Day 61 - So after our last football match, which was a shocker - I chose to drink the Cloudy Wheat beer as my new thing. It was very nice, but I still went back to the Amber ale straight after.

Day 62 - Before we headed back to Chch that Friday night Andy & I had a sushi feast, from a new sushi place (to us anyway) - Umyi. I tried lots of everything including a few I'd never had before - Tofu & spinach fried ball sushi anyone, or terriyaki tofu? YUMMY!!!

Day 63, back in Christchurch and giving my day to the Student Volunteers Army to help dig liquefaction from strangers' backyards. I can honestly say this is the first truly selfless thing I've ever done, and it was an amazing experience.

Day 64 - To celebrate our decision to move to Christchurch we headed out for the day to Wairapa Vineyards, the first but definitely not the last time, I've headed out this way!

Day 65 - Thanks go to Flo for her lovely xmas presents - one of which was an easy thai red curry pack, and this was what I made for tea this night. Absolutely amazing!

Day 66 - I ate Girl Guide Cookies for the first time ever.

Day 67 - I found an Indian food shop and shopped there! I also tried to make dosas (again), this time from a ready mixed packet that I bought there, but sadly it turned out as badly as the first time.....

Day 68 - After 3 years of eating Hells pizza (My usual, Creator - smoked cheddar, carmelised onions, pineapple, mushroom, garlic sauce and black pepper....)I went for something new (gasp!) a Limbo (but removing the blue cheese and replacing it with smoked cheddar) - very yummy and much quikcer to order!

Day 69 - For my Kathmandu 2nd interview I had to live phone interview someone. For an interview.....crazy shit, but actually kind of fun.

Day 70 - Fuck loads of good new things today! Went to Tyler Garage Bar and Britomart Country Club Bar, visited the live stage at the Arts Festival (for James Duncan and Sean Donnelly), ate a Korean pancake and then ate a Korean restaurant, Faro....very excellent night.

Day 71 - Spent a lovely day in Newmarket with Natalie, including a visit to an excellent fabric store....(I forgot the name, but it was amazing!)

Day 72 - I ran Round The Bays. In under one hour too!

Day 73 - I took my first ever driving lesson! And enjoyed it, even when the instructor said "You can drive home now" and it included a roundabout and Kepa Road at peak time!

Day 74 - Feeling lazy I made pizza as normal, but added crushed smoked garlic to the paste I use. Fricking awesome!

Day 75 - a lazy (skint) day today too so made a new type of stir - fry, soy, garlic and chilli sauce....I promise I'll try harder tomorrow!

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