Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights?

It's been an insane 3 weeks. I was caught up in the Christchurch earthquake, and the most annoying thing as a writer was that I couldn't find the right words to talk about it. People wanted to know how did feel, what happened - but for such a huge life event it's hard to know how long it will take before I can genuinely answer those questions. I can tell you where I was, I can tell you what I did and what I saw, but how did I feel? That's one for later.

My story would be so small in comparison to all the heartache and strength that exists in Christchurch right now. It's what's drawn Andy & I to go back there, and to commit to moving there. Because it feels like we are a part of it all now. So as of April Fools day I will be a South Islander dweller.

Given the events in Japan and the never ending waring somewhere or other, it's so much easier to withdrawn into films, books and music. Not to shut it all out, but to try and regain happy feelings. When I listen to the National's "Alligator" CD, or watch Casablanca I feel so convinced that the world we live in must be great, that we as ordinary folk produce things of beauty too. Then I turn on BBC news and nature is fucking with us left, right and centre and if that wasn't hard enough to deal with, men are fighting for power, money, fear....why can't we all just get along before the giant tsunami wipes us all out?

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