Tuesday, April 5, 2011

79 all the way to 84...

I was correct - Day 78 was a walk around the Waitakeres! It was a gorgeous day and the first time (since the KareKare / Piha freak out) that we'd made it there. We did a short but pleasant walk around the Huia Reservoir before heading to Titirangi for a lovely lunch.

I will apologise now - a lot of the next entries will be fairly small fry. In the middle of a move it's hard to get out and do stuff!

With that in mind, day 79 was as simple as using the veggie mince in the freezer and adding it to a curry sauce. I've never thought to do this before, but it was actually really really yummy.

Day 80, I did actually leave the house, for book group - my current last ever, sob. At my request we went to Vivace, but it was a sad evening all in all, as we discovered our friend is very ill. One of the most inspiring people I've ever met, for her fun attitude and positive outlook on life - I keep my fingers constantly crossed for her.

Day 81 was one of those fantastic impromptu evenings that you just could never plan as well as it turns out! I had booked a meal for Prohibition, the fab 1920s themed restuarant in Ponsonby with Nat & John, and John's bro and friend, whom we hadn't met before. It was a great meal, so the thought process went - let''s go play pool. That led to - let's have some more beers in a bar somewhere on K road, and when they chucked us out of that place, the thought was - how about Family bar? This was the place Andy & Matt had so much fun on their dirty pub crawl, so it seemed fitting. There was tequilia, drag queens, karaoke, and a big tits contest. It at this point we left to get kebab and more wine before the best taxi ride home with Raa, who played cheesy singalong music all the way home!

Day 82 - given the description above it will come as no surprise to discover whilst a man came and packed up my belongings, I sat on the bed and did nothing but read the remaining 500 pages of The Sunne in Splendour - an excellent book!

On day 83, more men came to pack up my belongings so I wandered down to Mission Bay cinema and watched Never Let me Go - this was the first time I'd watched a film on my own in NZ, but I'm counting the new thing as following it up with an evening showing of Battle Los Angeles.....(Andy's choice) - the first time I've watched two films at the cinema in one day! Guess which film I preferred....!

As we were in the midst of moving, we were staying at the Skycity Grand Hotel over the weekend before setting off to Christchurch, so the new thing on day 84 was breakfast at Torcheon, the French cafe most famous for its Crepes. I had museli. It was delicious!

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