Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 93 toooooooo day 100!

Still discovering our new locale, we headed to Salt Bar on Day 93 - this wasn't the new thing, as we'd had wine here before but we treated to ourselves to their yummy pizzas! Recommended, and won't be the last time I'm sure we treat ourselves in this way....

Day 94 was my first run in Christchurch - an 8km around Sumner's lovely quiet streets!

On day 95 suffering from cabin fever and with the bus not going across Ferry Road bridge I decided to walk from Sumner to Ferrymead. It's much further than it seems apparently and not that pleasant in the places where there's no pavement or rockfalls and cracked roads. My reward for this was to spend several hours in the $2 charity shop barn in Ferrymead - fun!

Day 96 is another lazy one - sorry! It's a goodie though, I watched all 6 episodes of series 7 of Peep Show in one hit!

On day 97 I ran up a hill - to Evans Pass Road with the hubby. "Just around the corner" he kept saying. Bollocks! Lots of ups but it was worth it for the view once there. And it being downhill on the way back.

On day 98 the hubby made his famous Sunday roast and I made gravy from a Bisto tube! Sent to us by our lovely friend Jane, it was brilliant!

On day 99 hubby & I flew to Dunedin. Although we'd been to Dunedin before, I'd never flown there. It was a lovely scenic flight and the day spent in Dunedin was just fantastic.

Day 100! Tuesday 12th April. The start of the Central Otago Rail Trail. We were driven to Middlemarch, sorted out with our bikes by the lovely gay Bob and then off we set! A great first day of cycling, and I'll let you into a little secret.....the next few days will be Otago rail trail based! Still, I booked it and experienced new places so think this is allowed

To be continued.....

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