Tuesday, April 5, 2011

day 85 - 92...

For our last night in Auckland, we were so very exhausted, stressed and sad. Having spent the afternoon saying goodbye to our good friends, it was a case of using the hotel's swimming facilities and eating in whilst watching Kick Ass. Ok, so having room service is a bit lame, but considering all I wanted was chips, choosing the Moroccan bean stew was very much a new thing!

Day 86 was the start of the road trip. With the fish. Was the new thing keeping the fish alive? Or driving to Tongiriro National Park? No, it was staying at the Chateau! Gorgeous old hotel in one of the best surroundings immaginable.

Before we continued the road trip with fish on day 87, I thought we should do a run in the morning, on something called the ridge track. So at 8am, it was a fresh though sunny morning, and we set off up (yes, up - who knew?)the track. At the top, both struggling to catch our breath the view was stunning, but I much preferred the run downhill!

Also on day 87 we drove to Wellington, and explored the city (Cuba st, record stores, vintage stores, bars and Japanese restuarants!) but that's by the by really. However, it'll take us nicely to day 88 - which was not the ferry crossing (and what a fantastic day we had for it!) but staying overnight in Kaikoura. Since my first visit to NZ where I travelled down to Christchurch to meet Andy by bus which involved a lunch stop at Kaikoura, I've always wanted to go back there. It didn't disappoint 9 years later. Still is as beautiful and hippyish as I remembered and the drive in was epic. I also picked up a lovely yellow sundress and bracelet from a vintage store which helped the happy vibes even more!

The final leg of the journey. Another gorgeous drive, to Christchurch. The fish were now used to the bumps and corners though I think the earthquake ravaged roads into Sumner were a bit of a shock. Still they survived! Into the new house, and once Crown had given us our belongings back we headed out to see what Sumner had to offer in this time of uncertainty. Several coffee houses, a supermarket, 2 recycle boutiques, 1 hospice shop, 2 fish n chip shops and the best Indian resturant we've eaten from in New Zealand! Not once did they ask how hot we wanted our curries (a major annoyance - if you order korma, it is by nature mild. If you order jalfrezi, it is hot. Not kiwi hot, but hot!) I would go so far as to say it is authentic Indian, and I don't think it'll be the last time we eat here....

Day 89 I mostly unpacked, but found the time for a walk into Sumner and explored the hospice shop and recycle boutiques!

Day 90 was our first Saturday as Chch residents and the Hopkins came over to help us celebrate. The first beer was opened at 2pm, the last bottle of wine was consumed at 12am!

With the above in mind, day 91 was a lazy Sunday - a bit more unpacking and then I made a nice simple meal. It started with the question what do we have? Mushrooms, onions and rice. I goggled that and found a very simple recipe for just that really! Slow cooking the rice with the sauted mushrooms and onions - yummy.

Day 92 after a morning of yet more unpacking (are boxes like gremlins?) I needed to get out, so in true English style I waited for the rain to start than I walked along the Esplanade to Scarborough beach and back to Sumner village with my brolly and boots!

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