Friday, August 1, 2008

What's been done so far...

So far, I've emailed all of the UK & NZ local papers, and also magazines where I feel I could be of some use. I hate having to group email all the editors instead of individually addressing each editor by their name, but too be honest I tried this technique the first time round and only Worcester News got back to me so sorry Editors if it seemed rude! You may not be aware, but this is the equivalent of guerrilla spamming in Editors eyes so I rarely get a response. I did get two brilliant responses the other day though that I have to share:

Firstly, here is my blurb: -

"Dear Editor, I am a freelance music reviewer, and would like to offer you my reviews for publication in your magazine. I currently write a music column for the Worcester News and have attached a couple of these reviews for you to look at. I am looking to branch out and take on more clients.
As well as music reviews, I would relish the opportunity to write topical music related articles based on any suggestions you may have. I am currently working on a piece about the troubles of Amy Winehouse, which I'd like to offer you first refusal on. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you."

Their response was scarily similar -

Woman's Weekly (UK)

"Music isn’t a topic we cover in the magazine, unless it’s specifically related to a celebrity we’ve interviewed, and Amy Winehouse definitely isn’t someone of interest to our readers.So thanks for your suggestions, but I’m afraid they aren’t of interest to Woman’s Weekly."

Prima (UK)

"I am sorry, but we do not have music reviews in Prima. I do not feel a feature on Amy Winehouse would be quite right for us. Perhaps you could approach some weekly magazine titles as it would be more for their target readership. "

The two questions that filled my mind after reading each email -

1) You don't have music reviews YET; what I'm offering are music reviews. It's generally called moving with the times, people like music. It's a fact. People want to know what music to buy. That's where I could come in. You see? You don't see....

2) How can a story regarding Amy Winehouse NOT be of interest to a topical weekly / monthly mag? She's the hottest thing about even if you ignore the crackhead stuff and concentrate on the music or her illnesses - all of interest to most people who fall into the age groups your magazines are aimed at!

So, anyway, next I'm targeting the USA press, as well as applying for an internship here in Auckland for Fairfax media.

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