Friday, August 22, 2008

Internship 09 part 2

Ok, so I'm through to the next stage of the fairfax media internship 09 competition - yay me! Next stage is rigorous testing - do I know stuff and can I spell properly? Hopefully the answer is yes and then I'll be through to the third round - interviews (eek). Still, won't get ahead of myself just yet... now who is the coach of the All Blacks?

I've kind of fallen behind with my cyber harrassing - I'm really good, print me! - but will endeavour to do America this week / next week. Good news on the Worcester News front - they've finally updated the website and will print my reviews on a weekly basis, as the newspaper does. I've sent 2 cds to Russell Baillie of the New Zealand Herald with my reviews attached, but he is seemingly not open to bribery. Oh well. It was worth a try, and the more people who own Liam Finn's album the better I think.

Had some positive feedback re: the reviews I posted, so will stick some more on there for the three people who are reading this blog!

Must get back to temping and looking like I'm busy, but Read Ryan Adams blog on tumblr - it's insane!

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