Friday, January 28, 2011

Days 23 - 28

Ok, sorry I have no excuse except extreme laziness. I blame the humid weather.

Day 23 was the day I invented the curried kumara burger. Basically it's a kumara burger (homemade), covered with curry sauce and dhal and placed inside a folded up paratha bread. Blooming gorgeous!

Day 24 I professionally altered a Optimus Prime costume by inserting a wee hole (i.e a zip!) into it. I've always been nervous of alterations as I'm worried about ruining clothing, but when my friend asked I confidently said yes though I'd never done it before! Turns out it's not as hard as I feared and the following day I even added panelling to another costume.

On day 25 I stopped in at the Lonely Dog Gallery, a freaky gallery that contains solely dog and cat paintings and statues. I used to meet my friend outside it before our runs but had never been in. As it happens the painters are really very good but I still find the dog fascination scary so will not be purchasing or even popping in again.

Day 26 was a bit of a panic as I had not done anything new, except double dipping (- eating chips by scooping in the tomato sauce and then the aioli.) So when I got home from football I had a shower red wine. As in I took a glass of shiraz into the shower. Not as refreshing as shower beer, but not bad either. Reccommended if you're in a rush!

Day 27 I drank a honey pilsner. It was very yummy, and I quickly drank it! I don't think I've drank pilsner before, and as I don't like honey that much I would not have normally chosen this.

Day 28 was a fun one - I finally made it to the City Designer Market. Just off my favourite Auckland street, High Street, it's inside a little hall and just full of beautifully designed dresses and other gorgeous clothing. Unfortunately all come at designer prices too - though some of the sale stuff was reasonable and you are supporting up and coming designers. I've been thinking lots recently about doing a dressmaking / fashion degree and this just made me want to do it even more!

Tomorrow I am off to Tongariro National Park to do the crossing - so I'm saying -

Day 29 my new thing was taking the Overlander train!

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