Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts for the day.

a) I don't know if this is like a minority group thing, but do any other left handers meet and become friends with people who they really like, think are super cool and upon finding out that they are also fellow left handers think "well, yes obviously?"

I do seem to have a large proportion of leftie friends, and also veggies friends (or vegaquarians).

b) I don't know how I can love sweetcorn so very much when I used to totally hate it. I feel like I missed out on some seriously good corn when we were travelling through the US. Same goes for olives. I get hating something as a child and re-discovering it as an adult, but I'm talking about 3 years ago I hated corn, and now I love love love it.

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SuzyT said...

Mmm, sweetcorn. That's why we try and grow it on the plot. So if you're here in August one year... My current thing is porridge though. My favourite breakfast at the moment...