Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year....365 days of newness....

So I made a resolution; a little more interesting than my usual "I will learn to drive" "I will exercise more" etc etc.

I will do something new every day of the year.

It doesn't have to be huge, like climbing mountains or swimming oceans, but it must be something I've never done before (on quiet days this might include watching films I've never seen before, or choosing something other than katsu curry in Wagamamas...but generally it will be more interesting than that!) The idea being that I will not do my usual trick of saying, hmmm maybe next time / year (delete as applicable)and it will be things that are within my sphere of control.

So, so far....

Day 1 - I experimented with my usual couscous meal and put mixed beans in it. (Ok, not the most exciting start to the year, but it was New Years day and I was very hungover!)

Day 2 - I swam in the Waitemata Harbour at Takapuna Beach. Just lovely!

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SuzyT said...

Brilliant idea! Within the confines of being at home with small baby I am hoping to undertake some small scale 'new things' by having country inspired menus. So maybe once a month have eg an Italian week when we try out Italian recipes, try and watch one Italian film, drink Italian wine and maybe try and learn/read something about the country! I did suggest learning a few phrases in the language but Neil looked at me as if to suggest I was taking the idea a bit too far! By the way, Neil is with you on the katsu curry. For me it is the yasai chilli men - every time!
And will try and get on with the learning to sew etc. when he's sleeping a bit better!