Friday, January 14, 2011

il giorno 12 e giorno 13

So, day 12 was a very sporty day - swimming in the morning then 2 sub-football games in the afternoon. So it is fitting that my new thing was during a match to voluntarily head the ball. Usually I shy away fast mvoing objects coming towards my head, but this time I thought "this is mine" and it was! A perfect header, and I even passed to a member of my team!

Day 13 was going to see The National. They are one of those bands that throughout my time at HMV people said "You should listen to the National, you'd like them". But I'm embarrassed to say I never did. Anyway, last year when I rediscovered Steve Lamaqc, he played "Bloodbuzz Ohio" and I fell in love with it. So when they announced they were playing NZ I bought tickets even though I still had only ever heard that one song of theirs! They did not let me down,they were amazing - tight music, perfect vocals and some crazy man moves. In a way I think they're the kind of band you need to hear live to really appreciate them.

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