Friday, January 7, 2011

Days 5 & 6....

Day 5 - Made omelette. Honestly, I have never made omelette before in my life! I always think of them as a bit too eggy, and I'm not really an eggy kind of gal. Still, my brother has suggested it for lunch so I stepped up to the challenge! Turns out it's not that hard, is quite tasty and very filling; although a 3 egg omelette will make your belly swell for the entire day....

Day 6 - My first pub entry! (I'm thinking there may be a few of these as there are so many bars in Auckland I've never been!)Went to Snapdragon, on the Viaduct. It has only recently opened, it used to be Cargo, where I spent many a lovely summer afternoons involved in drinking sessions. Still, that went, and has been replaced with a pretty stylish place. Several floor to ceiling white bookcases stacked with vinyls that separate bar from dining areas and a covered deck upstairs. I didn't even notice the music, it was so backgroundy! So, I had many amber ales there with Andy last night, very lovely it was.

Don't worry, if you're reading this thinking...will it get more exciting soon?! I have a few things lined up during the year and also when I've finished writing the book and get out and about more, I'll have more random new things to indulge myself in!

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