Monday, January 17, 2011

I finished my book! Press play and party...

At 6.42pm on friday evening I finally finished the first draft of my book! 2 years after starting, of having that initial premise of lovers at Leeds train station, it is now a finished story. I am enormously proud of myself; except for Johnny Shankley and Fragments (neither of which are are over 15,000 words, and were pretty much written for my own amusement) I have never ever finished a novel before; finding a million excuses not to. But this one seemed more of a survivor - or was it turning 30, or accidentally finding myself unemployed that forced me to finish it? Whatever the reason, the first draft is done!

It currently runs at 52,000 words. General opinion is that a novel should be 60,000 words + for consideration so I intend to flesh it out a little bit more before letting it be read! After that, I'll ask friends to read it and give me construction criticism and whilst I'm waiting for the feedback, I can start on the next one!

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